The Best Email Provider For Modern Real Estate Agents

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When I began searching for options for my email marketing as a real estate agent, I become frustrated at the lack of modern options.

I tried using the brokerage supplied option but honestly, it felt outdated and I didn't love that my brokerage had access to my database. I just kept thinking "What if I want to change brokerages?" It's a good thing I thought that too because not long after I started heavily building my list - I made the switch to a different office.

After trying multiple email platforms, I finally found the dreamiest email provider ever. Enter Flodesk.

Flodesk is a powerful yet simple email platform that creates gorgeous 'open-me' emails that can be completely branded to your business. Here are some reasons that Flodesk was the best fit for me!


Keeping my subscribers engaged and interested in my emails was something that was important to me. There are lots of email providers out there but I found the layouts and features lacking when it come to customizations.

Flodesk has templates that are easily customizable or the ability to create a newsletter from scratch. You can easily add your logo, brand colors & even customize fonts so that your emails look perfectly branded every time.



I couldn't mention Flodesk without mentioning it's lead capturing abilities! Flodesk makes it easy to capture subscribers for your email list. 

You can easily build forms to embed into your website, sign up forms/landing pages for your lead magnets & more.



With it's ease of use, Flodesk had my automations and workflow up in just a few hours instead of complicated systems that took me weeks to figure out. I was able to set up segmented lists of buyers and sellers and send them relevant information that they need! I even created an onboarding series for my clients so they felt prepared as we went through the transaction!



Most email service providers charge you based on the amount of subscribers you have... and I'm almost embarrassed to say that I spent over $300 a month for my email marketing until I found Flodesk. 

A subscription with Flodesk runs at $38 per month. For a limited time, you can sign up with my link to get it for just $19 per month! The best part? They are still in the Beta phase so now is the time to lock in this low price.


If you aren't already using an email service provider to capture leads then it's time to start! 👇