We got kicked off Instagram and here's what I learned...

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 I actually got kicked off Instagram.


It really happened.


I mean, I talk about 'what if' it happens all of the time. But it really, truly happened. 🤯


I want to make sure that this doesn't happen to you, so let me back up a little bit...

I've been batching and scheduling my social media content for over 5 years. It works for my schedule and helps me stay organized. (Check out this post for more info on how to schedule your social content.)

In April we had our first ever RealtHER Summit (ummm... it was amazing and you can get on the waitlist for the next one here!) 

But it was a busy month filled with lots of interviews, lives, posts & more... so I tried a new scheduling tool to help schedule out my content for the month to make things a bit easier and it was a life saver!

About a month after the summit, I open Instagram and am greeted with this...

I'm not afraid to tell you that I had a heart attack.

And I was embarrassed. (I mean, I am a digital marketing coach after all...)

And I couldn't figure out what the hell actually happened. I knew I hadn't paid for followers or done anything 'icky' but I couldn't figure out what I had done to get this notice.

I tried to change my password like it requested but it kept saying that I was not allowed access to my account.

Instagram had kicked me off the app!

After a few tears, I had a lightbulb moment 💡... Having an email list is more important than your social media following.

I own my email list. In that moment I was so thankful that I spent time building and updating my database. If a social media platform kicks me off (lookin' at you Insta) or just decides to close (do you remember Periscope?) then I still have a way to connect with my people.

Can you say that?

If not, then I want to encourage you to really think about starting your email list TODAY. Because you never know when a glitch is gonna happen.

For 24 long, upsetting hours I thought my Instagram was gone but I knew that. I was going to be okay. There was a (very slight) relief in that realization.

The next day, Instagram restored my account and I was back to social business... but since the scare, I've relied a lot less on Instagram to connect with my ideal audience.

So your homework today is to start building your email list! (We put together a post to tell you about one of our favorite platforms here.)

And so you know - It turns out that the new scheduling tool that I had tried (recommended by a social guru) had been flagged by Instagram in a weird glitch. The glitch has reportedly been fixed but I won't be recommending that scheduling tool. 😬

xo ~ Tara